Youth Faith Formation


In addition to the above registration form, the electronic communications permission form and release of images and artwork form must be signed. This Archdiocesan requirement allows us to offer distant learning options and to post artwork that the youth create. Links for these forms are below. Please submit them to Lynn Schelitzche, Director of Faith Formation, via our drop box (outdoors by the church front door or indoors by the church office), our church office, or via email at

Permission for Electronic Communications – form must be signed by parent/guardian.

Consent and Release for Use of Visual Likenesses and Original Works of Minors – form must be signed by parent/guardian.


Grades 6-8 Faith Formation Calendar 2020 – 2021

If you have any questions after reviewing the following program descriptions, please contact:
Lynn Schelitzche

Director of Faith Formation


Sunday Children’s Liturgy of the Word (CLOW)

Ages 4 years through 4th Grade

Children’s Liturgy of the Word (CLOW) enables children ages 4 years old through 4th grade to enjoy the Sunday Gospel, prayer, and activities at their level. There is no prior registration or fee for participation. Online materials are available beginning the first week of October. Find the link on our website homepage underneath the link to participate in our weekend Mass.

Contact Lynn Schelitzche for more information,

Participate in Children’s Liturgy 


Godly Play®

Preschool – Kindergarten  New Program this year!

This is a very important age to develop a child’s spirituality. The 4-6-year-old child is particularly capable of receiving and enjoying the most essential elements of our faith. Studies show that humans are especially spiritually open during this age group. Families will be provided with Godly Play video lesson presentations, a family discussion guide, and other activities that reinforce the lesson of the week.

The Godly Play® method is a curriculum of spiritual practice exploring the mystery of God’s presence. The Godly Play curriculum engages what is most exciting about religious education: God inviting us into the Bible stories and providing a spiritual experience through questions of wondering. Godly Play practice teaches us to listen for God and to make authentic and creative responses to God.



Grades 1-5

This faith formation program puts The Catholic Children’s Bible at the center. Parents and guardians will love this self-directed experience for their kids with user-friendly access to online, interactive eLearning lessons for children to use at home. Each child receives their own Discover! Kit, containing everything they need for their exciting faith journey. Children will dive into Bible stories in their own Catholic Children’s Bible to encounter Jesus through the stories and people of scripture. They connect the Bible story and hands-on activity with Catholic doctrine through age-appropriate prayers, puzzles, and challenges in their Activity page. As a long-term Director of Faith Formation, this is the best children’s Bible I have ever seen—one I have always hoped for. I am excited about this program and highly recommend it.


Catholicism 101®

Grades 6-8

This eLearning program is an engaging and efficient way to help young people learn the essentials of the Catholic faith. It is an online adventure of what being Catholic is all about – beliefs, practices, celebrations, prayer, and the way the world is viewed through the Catholic faith – to live this life to the fullest, as Jesus did. This hybrid course fulfills the needs for middle schoolers who are ready to think about faith in a deeper way and to connect with peers. There are one to two 15-minute eLessons and one 1-hour Zoom connection per month. The monthly Zoom connection will be held on one Wednesday per month and you may register your child for either the 4:00 OR 6:30 pm group. Grades 6-8 will be sharing the same lessons, making it convenient for households with more than one child in this age group.



Sacramental Preparation

In order to participate in the process for preparation for the Sacraments of First Reconciliation, First Eucharist, and Confirmation, the participant needs to either attend a Catholic school OR be registered for and regularly attending the parish faith formation program the entire year before and during the year of the sacrament celebration.

Infant Baptism class is offered monthly year-round, as well as an at-home version. Parents are encouraged to participate in class well in advance of the desired date of Baptism.  More information.

Most children celebrate First Reconciliation and First Eucharist in 2nd grade, but parents decide when their child is ready.  Some choose to wait until their child is older.  More information about this process.

Confirmation is celebrated on June 6, 2021 at the Cathedral, for 8th grade and above. Preparation for Confirmation is in addition to regular attendance in the Lumen Christi Faith Formation program or at a Catholic School.  Program description.

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is the process for becoming Catholic. Those ages 7 or older prepare for Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist.  Those who were Baptized in another Christian tradition may participate in a modified RCIA process to become Catholic.  Each person’s journey is unique, so we begin with a conversation about the individual’s situation.  The RCIA team welcomes no-strings-attached inquiries.  Please email Lynn for more information.


Resources for Families to Use at Home

Enjoy the 44 ideas for families from our Archdiocesan website.

I especially like children making a fancy dinner for parents, the links to three types of dances for the family to learn together, and the outline for creating a monastic schedule to your day for families (and it includes plenty of time for activity).  Click here.


Connected Families

This website offers the articles 4 Tips for Parenting During a Pandemic  and Keep Calm and Stay Connected to Your Teen Connected Families is a faith-based organization in Chanhassen that provides wonderful resources for families including webinars, articles, coaching, workshops, and books they have authored. At the time of this writing, they are also offering their Sibling Conflict Online Course for free.


Create a Prayer Table with Your Children

A prayer table can be a step-stool, deep windowsill, end table, shelf, short dresser, small table, or hearth with a prayer cloth on it as the base. Symbols on it include finds from nature walks (creation), child’s artwork of Jesus and/or Mary, a cross, a plant or pot with seeds they plant, a battery-operated candle, a prayer book or Bible, a statue of a saint, and other symbols you invite your child to use as they look around the house.

A basket may be used on the prayer table to hold prayer cards the children make from copying scripture, such as: Your 3-6-year-old child may like to copy the following scripture. • Psalm 23:1 • Psalm 23:1-3 • Psalm 23:1-4 • “Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with you.” “Blessed are you among women; blessed is the fruit of your womb.” The 6-12-year-old child may copy verses of Psalms: • Psalm 43:1 • Psalm 51:15 • Psalm 18:3 • Psalm 124:8 • Psalm 121:1-2 • Psalm 58:10 • Psalm 17:8 • Psalm 3:5 • Psalm 51:10, the whole Hail Mary prayer, the whole Lord’s Prayer.


How to Tell Stories to Children

This is a book for parents on telling stories to your children. As you can see at the link, it has great reviews. One of the things that bonds families more than anything, and builds confidence in children, is parents telling stories to their children. Consider this book as a family gift to yourselves.

Order on Amazon:

How to Tell Stories to Children


If you have any questions please contact:
Lynn Schelitzche
Director of Faith Formation