Becoming Catholic

Thinking about becoming Catholic or want to know more about the Catholic Faith?

  • Are you thinking about joining the Catholic Church?
  • Do you have a friend or relative who is searching for a faith home?
  • Are you a baptized Catholic who needs to complete initiation through Confirmation and/or First Eucharist?
  • Do you have a child or children who were never baptized?
  • Do you have a child who was baptized in another faith tradition, but wants to live as a Catholic Christian?


The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (and adapted for children) is the process in which the Catholic Church welcomes people into the Church. RCIA is much more than a program, it is a process in which conversion of the heart brings one to Jesus Christ through learning, discussion, prayer, and community. Participants are invited to grow more deeply in their faith and discern if joining the Catholic Church or completing one’s initiation into the Church is what they desire.


The RCIA is for:

  • Unbaptized adults and children over the age of seven who are considering entrance into the Catholic Church through Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist
  • Adults and children over the age of seven who were baptized in another tradition and are considering becoming Catholic
  • Adults who were baptized Catholic but did not complete their initiation through Confirmation and/or First Eucharist


If you are interested in trying out RCIA, please contact Lynn Schelitzche, Director of Faith Formation,

Email, or 651-698-5581 x 303.


How Do I Become Catholic 4 minute Video