Mass Intentions

Mass1Lumen Christi accepts offerings for Mass Intentions. Those wishing to have a Mass said should contact Ellen Cunningham, 651-698-5581, or come to the parish office during office hours.

Policies Regarding Mass Intentions

  • Suggested offering – $7.00 (more or less is accepted), payable to Lumen Christi
  • The intention can be for a deceased person or a living person.
  • Intentions can be for a need of the Church but should be general and not specific to an individual, for example, world peace, vocations, etc.
  • Because Mass Intentions fill up very quickly, we request that you limit your requests to 12 per year, one per month, per person making the request. Mass intentions cannot extend beyond the calendar year. We will begin taking Mass intention requests for the following year in the month of November.
  • The parish reserves the right to change a date if necessary. In that case, the person making the request will be notified of the change.
  • As per Church Law, one of the Masses each weekend is designated Pro populi (for the whole community) and therefore cannot be designated for a particular intentions.

Mass Offerings
The 1983 Code of Canon Law offers a revised treatment of Mass Offerings and intentions for our beloved dead.
No longer are such donations called “stipends” but rather offerings. The word “stipend” (stipendum) referred
to the wages paid to soldiers in Roman times. In other words, “stipend” conveys the meaning of payment for
services rendered.

The revised code rejects this terminology and instead speaks of an “offering” (stips), a term which better con-
veys the freewill, gratuitous nature of a gift. Canon 946, states that by giving a Mass offering the faithful
“contribute to the good of the church and by their offering take part in the concern of the church for the support
of its ministers and work.” A Mass offering therefore should be viewed as a gift to the church for the ongoing
support of its mission, and not as a contract involving services in return for the payment of money.

Mass Intentions
By accepting a Mass Offering the only obligation the priest undertakes by Canon Law is to celebrate the Mass
with the donor’s intention in mind. No other obligations – such as publicizing the intention – are incurred by
accepting the offering. By making an offering to the parish, donors can be assured that their special intention
would be remembered at that particular celebration of the Mass. The purpose of giving a Mass Offering is to
join the specific intention to the intentions of the whole worshipping community. It is not meant to imply that
the Mass is offered for the intention of the priest and donor alone.

Memorial Offerings
Memorials given on the occasion of a funeral are not the same things Mass Offerings. Memorials are gifts
given to the parish in honor of the deceased that can be used to further the parish’s mission in ways similar to
memorials given to a cancer treatment center. Offerings designated as Mass Offerings must be used for that
specific purpose only.

If the parish cannot satisfy all you Mass Intentions, these Mass Offerings, in justice, will need to be sent to the
Archdiocesan Mission Office in order to be fulfilled.