First Reconciliation

(also known as Penance and Confession)

firstrecChildren receive preliminary lessons about Reconciliation in second grade religion classes at school or in the Faith Formation classes on Sunday. Second graders prepare for Reconciliation as part of First Eucharist preparation. Parents who register second graders for First Eucharist will be automatically included in First Reconciliation preparation. Parents of 3rd graders and older who would like child to celebrate Reconciliation for the first time please contact the Faith Formation office. The celebration of First Reconciliation will be on the second Sunday in December, in the context of the parish Advent Reconciliation liturgy at 3:00 PM. Reception will follow.

In the early centuries after Christ, Baptism was believed to be the once in a lifetime forgiveness of sin because Baptism was celebrated with adults after a long period of preparation. It soon became obvious that human beings were prone to sin. A process for receiving forgiveness for serious sin was created. It included public confession and difficult penances practiced over a number of years.

In the sixth century, in Celtic Churches, the practice of private and frequent confession was prescribed by the Irish monks partly to avoid the scandal of public confession of sins and partly as a way of aiding spiritual growth. The second Vatican Council directed emphasis away from a too legalistic understanding of sin and turned more toward the covenant with God, the call to conversion, the inner attitudes of the heart, personal responsibility, and reconciliation with God and the community.

Those who approach the Sacrament of Reconciliation obtain pardon from God for the offense committed and are reconciled with God.
If you have any questions about Reconciliation please contact Lynn in the parish office.
Lynn Schelitzche
Director of Faith Formation
651-698-5581, ext. 303