Financial Stewardship


Financial Stewardship offers us a way to put first things first, to make God the first priority in our lives.

We are called to love God with all our heart, mind, and strength – and show this love through our time, talent and treasure.  God has given us so much, let us give thanks and show our thanks by being good stewards of all that we have received.  How can you use your abilities to serve others and support those in need? What contribution, large or small, can you offer financially? How can you share your gifts with the parish?


Why Give to Lumen Christi?

“Committed to this Place”

As a part of Lumen Christi Catholic Community, we hope that through our worship together, the programs and ministries we offer, and the sense of community we nurture, we have been able to support you on your faith journey. Our parishioners are the lifeblood of this place.

When parishioners let us know what they intend to give throughout the year by their pledge, we can set a realistic budget for all the programs we offer and insure that we can maintain these lovely buildings for which we are so grateful.

Thank you for your commitment to this place.

We are building a parish of people who are committed to one another and committed to give of their lives for  God, changing the world moment by moment, life by life, breath by breath.

Thank you for prayerfully considering how you might support our mission.

Lumen Christi Offers Three Ways to Make a Pledge with the Financial Commitment Form:

1.)  Electronic Funds Transfer

Check the authorization box and send a voided check to the parish office.  (You can drop this in a marked envelope in the collection basket. Let us know the amount you would like to give and how often you would like to donate: weekly, twice per month on the 5th and 20th or once per month on the 5th or 20th of the month.

2.)  Credit Card Donations

3.)  Weekly Envelopes


Click here for the Financial Commitment Form

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