Discover Your Inner Disciple

green tree

Discipleship Tree

A disciple gratefully recognizes and receives God’s gifts and shares these gifts in love of God and neighbor.

Thank You for Sharing Your Gifts!


LumenLive! Video

Meet fellow parishioners and hear about the COVID-friendly ministries they’re engaged in to help keep us connected to each other, and to God.

Thanks to members of the Discipleship & Parish Life Ministry Council and all who participated.

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Year Round Discipleship

Lumen Christi  has chosen 6 themes to raise our awareness of God’s gifts.


Ecological symbol

Discipleship of Creation
God gave us dominion over the earth for its well-being. Pledge to be a steward of the earth.

financial symbolFinancial Stewardship
Your generosity makes it possible for us to seize opportunities for pastoral care, social justice, faith formation, and other expressions of our faith.

Personal symbolPersonal Discipleship
Make positive everyday choices for ourselves and for others in our parish.

Local symbolLocal Discipleship
Speak out and work for change in the common good of our community.

Globel symbolGlobal Discipleship
Commit yourself to the relief of others suffering around the world.

Gifts symbolDiscipleship of Gifts
Share God’s generous gifts of knowledge, talent, experience, aptitude, time, energy, and interest.


Key Principles of Social Teaching

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