Confirmation celebration is at 1:30 pm on Saturday, May 7, 2022

at the Cathedral of Saint Paul

Preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation is grounded in community, discernment, and service.  Confirmation typically occurs in our parish in the 8th grade. High school students are welcome to participate also. Adults prepare for Confirmation through a separate process by contacting the Director of Faith Formation.  Confirmation is a special experience as our youth prepare for the grace the sacrament brings to grow their gifts for their new stage of discipleship – their adult stage. The Rite of Confirmation is the beginning of this stage. The preparation includes discernment of their unique gifts and interests—their calling as a disciple.

Our preparation process includes:

  • Called to Mercy Confirmation preparation program from St. Mary’s Press. It invites and draws young people into the Jesus’ most powerful message. Online learning modules offer engaging, relevant, and deeply reflective opportunities for a true spiritual conversion to lives that give witness to Jesus’ call and the Church’s mission of mercy. There are 10 modules 30-minutes each. Two are due each month for five months.
  • Five group events including 1) orientation, 2) the mass and connection to service, 3) sponsor/candidate retreat, 4) discernment retreat, 5) Confirmation Rite retreat reflection on hte meaning of the rite and future as a disciple.
  • Rites of Sending/Recognition and Rite of Confirmation.
  • Various projects listed below in “Program Components”.


Fr. Paul Feela’s Letter to Confirmation Families 2021-2022

Program Components:

  1. All candidates registered in the Confirmation sacrament preparation process must also be enrolled in a faith formation program either through enrollment in a Catholic school, or through enrollment in the parish Faith Formation program. Sacrament preparation is different than faith formation or religious education that happens every year.
  2. Complete ten online modules (two per month, half hour each).
  3. Attend five group events.
  4. Mass Reflection Journal. Copy of journal provided to the youth and found here
  5. Three Service Project Reflections. Copy of booklet provided to the youth and found here.  Service reflection form found here
  6. Faith Talks Sponsor Discussion Guide. Copy of guide provided to the youth and found here. Roles and Responsibilities of Candidate and Sponsor here
  7. Confirmation Saint Name Form. Guide and form found here
  8. Letter to Fr. Paul requesting to be Confirmed. Found here
  9. Request and Submit a Recent Baptismal Certificate. Confirmation is one of the three sacraments of initiation (Baptism, First Eucharist, Confirmation) and can only be administered to individuals who have been baptized. A recently issued (within six months of the sacrament celebration) baptismal certificate must be provided in accordance with Canon law. If the baptismal record requirement is not met, we are unable to allow the person to be confirmed. Contact the parish where the baptism took place and request that a baptismal certificate be sent either to you or directly to Lumen Christi, ATTN: Lynn Schelitzche. If the parish of baptism no longer exists (it was closed or merged with another parish) contact the diocese where the parish was and ask for the needed information to find the sacramental records. If you chose to have the baptismal certificate sent to you, mail it, or drop it off at Lumen Christi. Drop boxes are available outside the main entrance and inside near the office door.

Sign two required forms here:

Permission for Electronic Communications – form must be signed by parent guardian.

Consent and Release for Use of Visual Likenesses and Original Works of Minors – form must be signed by parent guardian.


For questions contact:

Lynn Schelitzche
Director of Faith Formation