Care and Support

Pastoral Care of the Sick and Dying

When a Family Member is Dying

Call the Parish Office at 651-698-5581 and we will connect you with Fr. Paul, or email Fr. Paul.
If it is after hours you will be connected through our emergency line, 651-698-5581, press 4.

Funeral Planning


Sacrament of the Dying

Formerly known as Last Rites, we now call the Sacrament of the Dying Viaticum, meaning “with you on the way.” Performed by a priest, it is the celebration of one’s final communion and offers nourishment for the journey into death and new life. Viaticum is best celebrated at the beginning of the dying process when family and friends can gather around the dying Christian in communion with them. While the dying process does not always lend itself to these guidelines, it is best to call the parish and make arrangements as early as possible so that family and friends can be gathered for the celebration.


Anointing of the Sick

If you are preparing for surgery or suffering with a serious illness, you are encouraged to receive the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick to strengthen you and offer you community support. The anointing may take place in the chapel with family and friends present, during a community Mass, or individually.

You may contact Fr. Paul at 651- 370-1610, or email, to arrange a time for Fr. Paul to facilitate this special sacrament.

Care and Support Ministries

Eric Fought, M.Div. is Director of Care, Support, and Justice Ministries

651-370-1611 or email.

Grief Support

Death brings change, and change can often be stressful. Developing an understanding of the grief process in a caring and supportive atmosphere increases coping skills and leads to personal growth. Please contact Eric Fought for help with grief support, at (651) 698-5581 x305, or email.


Hospital Visits

Hospitalization can be a lonely, difficult experience for people. We seek to be companions to our community members during hospitalizations and extend a caring hand to let you know you are not beyond the embrace of the parish. Upon notification that a parishioner is hospitalized, a Minister of Care will visit, bring Communion if requested, and provide spiritual and emotional support as needed.

Due to privacy regulations, we are unable to know if you are at the hospital unless you inform us.  If you would like a visit, Communion, spiritual or emotional support, contact Eric Fought at the parish office at
651- 370-1611 or email.


Mental Health and Addiction Recovery Ministry

Lumen Christi realizes there are many types of suffering and is committed to providing support, care, and opportunities for spiritual connection for people struggling with mental health conditions, addiction, and those who serve them.  Watch for events, educational opportunities, prayer services, speaker series, and suicide and overdose prevention workshops in the parish.  Lumen Christi Catholic Community also offers support in partnership with Mental Health Connect, click the Mental Health icon below for more information.  Contact Eric Fought, at 651-370-1611, or email.



Ministry to Parishioners who are Homebound

Ministers of Communion are available to share prayer and Communion with those who are no longer able to get out and join us for Mass.

Word and Communion Services are offered at care centers in our parish boundaries once a month.
Some care centers are able to offer Mass once a month.

To find out more contact Eric Fought, Director of Care, Support, and Justice Ministries at 651-370-1611 or email.


Prayer Line

Call in or email your prayer requests daily and members of our Lumen Christi prayer line will hold you and your intentions in prayer for healing, hope, and community support.
Contact the parish office, 651-370-1611 or email.


Prayer Shawl Ministry

Our Prayer Shawl Ministry gathers together to knit or crochet concrete symbols of love and prayer.  Our mission is to provide tangible reminders of hope, comfort and healing to those who most need a concrete example of God’s unconditionally loving embrace.  Shawls  and lap blankets are available for you, or to give to those hospitalized, in care centers, or at home; those journeying through a physical or emotional challenge, a loss, or simply need a tangible reminder that there are people who care and a God that loves them.  Please contact Eric Fought, Director of Care, Support, and Justice Ministries, if you would like a prayer shawl.  651-370-1611 or email.