Building Care


building care

Adoration Chapel Cleaning

Weekly dusting, cleaning and maintaining supplies.
Lindell Blanchette, email or call 651-698-5581 x112


Buildings and Grounds Committee

Group of parishioners who meet quarterly to oversee major repairs and improvement projects for all of our buildings and grounds.  Lindell Blanchette, email or call 651-698-5581 x112


Church Cleaning

Four times a year for about 2 hours each time.
Lindell Blanchette, email or call 651-698-5581 x112



Volunteers are needed to help with planting, weeding, replacing mulch and other gardening jobs about two hours per month April to October.  Sue Kaufenberg, email or call 651-699-6130



Located at the end of the main hallway, the parish library has current adult and children’s titles on spirituality, grief, scripture, saints and social justice issues.  Help is needed with re-shelving and straightening.  Susan McMahon, email or call 651-698-9220.

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