Adult Formation

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While our new normal does not allow gatherings like this, we are together in spirit.


Formation in our Faith is a life-long journey. Faith grows and deepens throughout all of our life stages. For adults, Lumen Christi sponsors speakers, retreats, Bible and other studies, book discussions, and more. There is an Adult Faith Committee which plans these events. If you are interested in serving on this committee, please contact Lynn Schelitzche, Director of Faith Formation.


Centering Prayer Bi-Weekly Group Practice



The Spiritual Resilience Project

FREE, self-directed, online Adult Faith Formation Opportunity

Offered Through Heart Matters

Spiritual resilience rests on a foundation of positive spiritual emotions that help us thrive and give us energy to reach out and help others. How do we find the hope, strength and stamina we need to rise to the call? How do we stay resilient? The Spiritual Resilience Project provides faith-based, research-informed tools to help cultivate positive spiritual emotions and process painful ones. These include a blend of centuries-old Christian practices with current scientific research on emotional resilience. These spiritual habits help us engage the world with compassion, courage and hope.

Connie Fourre, the teacher and designer of this program, is a life-long educator and experienced presenter.  Connie sees a deep need in our current world for personal resilience, and as a person of faith, Connie knows that resilience is best approached through the lens of faith and God in our lives. The personal lessons and practices included can only support our lives as we move into 2021.

Find more information about the program and the presenter, and sign-up for this free, self-directed online program here:



Loyola Press Daily 3-Minute Retreat

This 3-minute-retreat features a daily theme with scripture passage, beautiful photo, instrumental music, reflection on the scripture, question to ponder, and closing prayer.


From Liturgical Press – St. John’s Collegeville


Listen to our free Spotify playlist,

Psallite Music for Consolation, Hope and Healing

featuring songs from the Psallite collection by the Collegeville Composers Group.


Praying Together, Praying Apart: At-Home Prayers for Times of Healing, Illness, and Death
The COVID-19 virus forces us to grapple with a difficult reality. Amid self-isolation and “stay-at-home” orders, an increasing number of people are experiencing sickness and death separated from other people. This resource strives to offer some concrete ways to pray, heal, and grieve together when we are physically apart.  In addition, Anne and Jeffery Rowthorn, authors of God’s Good Earth, wrote a litany for the dying, the departed, and the grieving.