Parish Leadership

Are YOU Called to Parish Leadership?
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Servant Leadership, Part 1, with Victor Klimoski

Servant Leadership, Part 2, with Victor Klimoski

Ministry Councils 005

Parish Council

Tammy Kuenster – Chair
Anne Maley
Ofelia Lopez

Brian McGee – Faith Formation
Tim Murphy – Finance
Amy Murphy – School
Mike Harley – Pastoral Care/Social Justice
Dave Beecham – Discipleship/Parish Life
Bob Klecker – Worship

Bill Leary – Trustee
Margaret George – Trustee

Fr. Paul Feela – Pastor
Tom Schumacher – Parish Leader

Finance Ministry Council

Ted Sherman – Chair
Bob Evans – Vice Chair
Kent Youngberg – Recorder
Tim Murphy – Rep to Parish Council
Sarah Houle-Johns
Dan Gleason

Scott Pollei – Staff

Faith Formation Ministry Council

Gina Kennedy – Chair
Joseph Zaepfel – Vice Chair
Mary Jo Robinson-Jamison – Recorder
Brian McGee – Rep to Parish Council
Erin Hinds

Phyllis Hamill-Little – Staff

Discipleship / Parish Life Ministry Council

Joe Peterson – Chair
Shellee Micko – Vice Chair
Marge Norman – Recorder
Dave Beecham – Rep to Parish Council
Susan Beecham
Rick Countryman
Brian Dusbiber
Gene Scapanski – Ad Hoc Guest

Michaela Bisanz – Staff

Pastoral Care / Social Justice Ministry Council

Dennis Degeneffe – Chair
Maureen Geddes – Vice Chair
Manuel Lopez – Recorder
Mike Harley – Rep to Parish Council
Nan Cedarblade

Garrick Comeaux – Staff

School Ministry Council

Mark Richards – Chair
Ernest Grumbles – Vice Chair
Fran Loughran Ring – Recorder
Amy Murphy – Rep to Parish Council
Rachel Gillespie
Peter Probst
Jenny Rosemark

Jane Schmidt – Principal

Worship Ministry Council

Joe Schindler – Chair
Deborah Chapdelaine – Vice Chair
Pat Klecker – Recorder
Bob Klecker – Rep to Parish Council
Mary Ann Hecht
Claire Stokes

Sr. Lynore Girmscheid – Staff